Tips To Buy Fashion Jewelry Wholesale

Wholesale fashion jewelry is a profitable way to earn a living and a challenging one with fashion trend come and go with the change of seasons. You must follow some guidelines to maintain a good hold of your market as well as keeping a good profit and if possible, expand your company. The key is to find a reliable vendor and the most efficient way to buy fashion jewelry at wholesale price. It is also important to remain updated before you buy wholesale if you don’t want to left with bulk of stocks that already outdated. Below are some tips that can give you guidelines before you buy fashion jewelry in wholesale.

 1. Know your vendor

You need to do a complete research about the vendor before you buy fashion jewelry from them in bulk. How is their product quality? Do they have a legal license and do you need vendor’s license to sell their product? Is there any paperwork required? Make sure that you already know all the requirements before you make a deal. Also, to get the best price, often you need to buy the fashion jewelry from other country even overseas. Every country have different regulation of importing their commodity, you need to learn about their regulation beforehand to avoid any trouble in shipping or payment later.

 2. Currency matters

If you dealing with foreign seller, tax and currency is a very important thing to determine your selling price later. Remember that currency is not a fixed thing and taxes can also change time to time according government regulation. Take time to read global news and worldwide economy movement before making your wholesale fashion jewelry purchase. Every vendor and country have their own payment terms, some accept PayPal or credit card, but sometimes they charge you extra depend on your country of origin.

 3. Safety and shipping

Buying fashion jewelry wholesale mostly will require shipping. You have to choose your courier very wisely. What is the cheapest courier? Do they save? How long the delivery will be? Is there any insurance? These are basic things you need to know before you pick the courier. Also, since you buy fashion jewelries, you have to make sure the vendor will pack your things safely and carefully. Some of the jewelries will be very delicate and breakable, find way they can be insured. You don’t want to deal with bunch of return goods, which will require a lot of paperwork and negotiation.

4. Product understanding

If you plan to look for good quality fashion jewelry wholesale with a low price, you need to have a very detailed knowledge on jewelry. Know the terminology and the quality of jewelry; educate yourself on how they are made and the materials. Each metal and gemstone has different stage of quality which makes their price different. A raw diamond in bigger carat is much cheaper price than cut diamonds in smaller one. Understand the type of fashion jewelry very well before you contact the vendor and don’t be afraid to ask question. For finer fashion jewelry, it would be better if you can visit the vendor beforehand and meet the owner personally.

 5. Reviews is Important

One reason to buy fashion jewelry wholesale is to get a cheaper price as possible. China is widely known as country with a lot of cheap product, but they also very incredible in terms of making knock-off. Read your vendor reviews carefully before you buy from them. You are going to buy in a great quantity, it is sensible to be picky in choosing your business partner. Don’t be fooled by online catalog great picture, if you are not sure about the product, contact the seller and ask for guaranty.

  6. Decide your Target Market

As buyers for wholesale fashion jewelry, the most significant thing is creating some marketing strategies to sell your stocks. Don’t try to buy the first piece that catch your attention but consider other opinions and try to look as much as possible in other place.  Try to buy items that are timeless in terms of style and durable. Buying items that are hot in trend might bring good profit for your sale, but when the trend changes you have to deal with leftover stocks.

Looking and Feeling Fashionable- What You Need To Know

As time passes, you may become more interested in fashion and have the desire to be more stylish. This will enable you to give your style a long overdue upgrade if you are tired of wearing the same type of clothing for years. Developing a style requires you to understand your body type and keep up with ongoing trends.

Identify your Style

Virtually everyone has a fashion icon that they admire. This could be a Hollywood celebrity, a fashion blogger or news anchor. Fashion icons are regarded as people who have an exemplary sense of style. Regardless of what your reference point may be in terms of dressing fashionably, you can use their style to guide and inspire when you shop for clothing or dress up.

Think about the perception that you want other people to have of you and your style. You may aim to be classic, vintage or retro. Style goes beyond dressing fashionably; it also refers to dressing according to who you are. There are no stringent rules regarding style and the objective is to wear the clothes you like and be confident whenever you do.

Fashion and Lifestyle

  • Another important factor when looking and feeling fashionable is to dress according to your lifestyle. Adapt and tailor your clothing to suit the life you have and incorporate your style within different aspects of your daily life.
  • Experimenting with style will only be effective if your lifestyle can comfortably accommodate and allow it. It makes no sense to wear six inch heels if the type of job you have requires you to stand for long periods of time. If you have a dress code to adhere to, try to fit in elements of your style without violating it. leading wholesale clothing store is available here.
  • Your clothing will serve as a reflection of different aspects of you and your personal sense of style. The key to being fashionable is to act and behave according to the image that you present to the world. Fashion creates the connection between you and the clothes that you wear.

Shop for Clothing

Shop around for different outfits. Strive to create a wardrobe that contains pieces that you can easily match and combine according to your style. Plan your outfits before the next day to save time. Preparing your outfits in advance also allows you to have more time for deciding what you will wear.

Quality and Fit

  • Buying quality clothing gives you the assurance that it will last. Set up a budget for high quality pieces that you will use for building your fashionable wardrobe.
  • Make sure that every item of clothing that you buy fits. Buy clothes according to your size and measurements.
  • Clothing will not look good if it does not fit. Find a tailor who can help you with alterations in case you need them.
  • Even if your style is unique and different, it is still a good idea to know the basics of fashion such as color combinations.

Style Up Your Tango Dress Online Without Looking Girly

The common notion that we all have is that girls like all things pretty and pink. But that is so not true and some of my best girlfriends like all things edgy and all things gothic. The best bit is, our styles are so different from one another yet so good and refreshing that we can always exchange our fashion choices. Dresses are a great way to experiment with your entire look and mix and match different styles. On days when you feel like going the dainty girly way, you know what you need to do. But on days when you wish to show your quirk side, or give coolness a whole new definition or give a new lease of life to gothic fashion, then know from us what you need to do.

My friends and their different ways of dressing up have inspired me tremendously. So much so, that even I love to experiment with my look and accessorize my dress differently. When it comes to dress, the Tango dress is a big hit among women because it has the right amount of fit and flow. Thankfully, Tango dresses online are extremely affordable and the variety is sure to keep you spoilt for choice. For those of you confused about how to dress up the Tango dress without taking the girly route, read on.

Wear Brogues and Sneakers – Ditch the heels and give yourself the right edgy look by slipping onto sneakers or brogues. Sneakers add the right amount of casual feel to your look and brogues are so much in trend now.

Throw in Graphic Scarves – Graphic scarves are extremely fun and quirky. These graphic stoles have a lot of fun prints, bold colors and a smart look. Wrap these scarves in different ways so that your look keeps changing from time to time.

Slip On Ankle Boots – If the grunge look is your comfort zone, then you can do that with your favorite Tango dress as well. Choose the right length of the ankle boots and opt for minimal accessories. This will let the boots do the talking.

Go All Black – When we say go all black, this does not necessarily mean a black dress. To add perfection to your gothic look, go for smudged kohl eyes, black lipstick, black nail paint and the right boots. This is indeed a bold fashion statement and needs the right amount of confidence.

For girls with a strong love for experimentation and value for feminism, the above pointers are just the right bit of information that they need. It is time to go all out and experiment with your clothes choices.

Saree Is In Vogue Because It Is Trendy and Tuned With Times

It is hard to tell when the modest saree broke into the fashion scene, but it has to be admitted that it has arrived with a bang. Fashion designers and fashion aficionados have been attracted to this Oriental wonder that has been at the center of attraction at fashion shows. What made the ancient clothing draw the attention of the world is a matter of research. However, there is no denying that sarees have grabbed eyeballs. Bollywood celebrities should be credited for this popularity.They have always valued and promoted this apparel that is both ethnic and trendy.

The New Kid on the Block

Even in India, the younger generation is more inclined to clothing having Western influences in design. But things are changing as sarees are now considered as emblem of fashion. Sarees are now being designed aggressively to make it haute and trendy.  Sarees are now the “in thing” in fashion,and there is immense fad for it in fashion circles.

Sarees have been Re-born

Having created so much of buzz, sarees are now going through the phase of re-birth.  Fashion designers are creating designs that make it trendy and more attractive for younger women. Sarees, worn with carefully chosen blouse neck design, can make heads turn. After all, only youngsters can give the much needed mileage to fashion. Sarees are now worn for attending high end parties and spending time with friends and the intimate ones. It is also a choice for office-wear and when going for shopping. The latest trending fashion of sarees has been captured in the post.

Sarees with Lehenga Style

The design of these sarees is such that when worn correctly, it would appear as if you are wearing a lehenga and not saree. The pleats are ready made, made out with extreme finesse as it matters a lot in creating style value. The draping might seem a bit complicated to maintain the tightness but when completed it looks gorgeous. Allow the excess fabric to hang freely from the left shoulder and walk out gracefully on the podium.

Net Sarees

The high end traditional sarees like Banarasi and Jamawar are notorious for being too heavy for its embellishments and heavy needlework. The net sarees make a departure from the convention and creates exclusive style without being heavy at all. The sarees reveal your subtle sensuality while adding a mysterious and seductive tone to your appearance.

Floral Party Wear

To stay in tune with the latest trends, sarees with floral designs on crepes and chiffon are what you would need. Splash in your favorite colors and wear the saree for weddings and parties. The variety of designs is mind boggling and there is always something that will catch your eye.

Jacquard Sarees

Jacquard sarees are the ideal way to display your figure perfectly while staying completely covered. The ultrathin fabric simply wraps on your body like nothing. You feel like sky walking as heads turn to have a glimpse of your presence.

Top Wedding Dress Designers Of 2016

Wedding dresses are so sought after that there’s an ever-widening approach with research required to finally settle on one dress. Though these days, the choices are innumerable and extremely confusing which is why there are wedding designers who help in narrowing your choice to something much more collected and wedding planners who try and put up a list of requirements for you that can be matched to what you need and deem desirable.

Wedding designers include Fashion icons like Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Donatella Versace, Giorgio Armani, Valencia, Donna Karan New York and many more that make it at being the Best Wedding Dress Designs

Designers who specially create wedding outfits are considered one of a kind because the designing of a wedding dress has to be unique and desirable and not downtrodden like every other regular design. Weddings are one of the most beautiful creations on earth because of its ability to consciously couple two people together for a lifetime. This sacred atmosphere brings about love, prosperity and happiness. A wedding dress must be as beautifully designed as these qualities to be everlastingly remembered.

Types of wedding dresses for a bride in the west usually include flowing white dresses with tight bodices, flared or panelled skirts and veils. In Indian weddings though the wedding dresses for the brides are far more traditional which includes sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, salwar suits and bejewelled outfits truly spelling Indian like no other way.

Indian designers include Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani, Shantanu and Nikhil, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, J J Valaya, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Rocky S, Wendell Rodricks, Anita Dongre.

Designers such as Satya Paul and Manish Malhotra have indulged in creating their own collections for the Jacket Bridal Lehenga. Colours like beige, cream and mustard are popular choices.

Lehengas have lately become one of the most exceptional wedding dresses. Used by most women on their D-day, the options are plenty. Some of them are included below:

  • Designer lehengas with mirror and crystal: These designer lehengas focus on cropped blouses, bared midriffs, long skirts and draped stoles. The main element of design here is the sequinned work either portrayed with Zari, Kundan work or mirrors and crystals. Stone work is also popular. This gives a glamorous look to the outfit and is perfect for weddings and other grand occasions.
  • Suneet Varma and Manish Malhotra are popular picks for the same.
  • Gota Patti Bordered Designer Lehengas: Gota borders have been trending since 2014, and are widely used for lehengas. Designers use gold borders, narrow or thick to make a striking appearance. Designers such as Reynu Taandon and Ritu Kumar have embroidery such as this on their bridal wear.
  • Long sleeved Designer Lehenga: These lehengas have long sleeved blouses, cropped blouses with sleeves, and a bare midriff. Perfect for winter wear and indoor events, these gorgeous lehengas are to die for. Some lehengas such as these also have netted blouses with attached sleeves which gives a sheer and dainty look to the entire outfit. Worn with gowns, Gaurav Gupta and Manish Malhotra have beautiful designs in their collection which will steal your breath away.
  • Bandhgala Choli and Kurta Lehenga Designs: Cropped Bandhgala cholis, long kurta tops and lehengas are another fashionable bridal wear option. Rohit Bal has created an exceptional base for the Kurta Lehenga design.

Reynu Tandon, Ritu Kumar and Manish Malhotra incorporate fabrics such as velvet, silk and georgette to create designs worth a serious fashion statement for the perfect wedding dress collection.

Thermal Insulation Clothing – The Best Way To Keep Yourself Warm and Comfortable

If you want to keep warm when the temperature drops, then you need thermal insulation clothing. In fact, researchers are currently developing super insulated clothing that may even mean we don’t need heating in our homes. Instead, 90% of our body heat will be reflected back to us – that’s 70% more than if you wear a wooly jumper. Until that day arrives, keeping yourself warm and comfortable in cold weather is all about the base layers you choose, and the thermal insulation clothing you layer up with.

Getting the basics right

A good base layer will regulate your temperature and wick moisture away from the skin, to keep you warm, comfortable and dry. If you’re active in cold weather, wicking is particularly important, as it moves sweat away from the skin to the outer layers of the fabric where it can evaporate.

Merino wool is an excellent choice if you run or cycle through the winter, as it’s soft, lightweight, has excellent wicking qualities and resists odour. In fact, you can wear a good merino wool base layer in temperatures from sub-arctic to 70 degrees without any discomfort.

If you want warmth without bulk and aren’t likely to be doing any physical exercise, then silk is an excellent choice. Extremely lightweight, silk feels good against the skin and provides warmth and comfort. It wicks moisture well and allow for other layers to be added, without making you look over-padded.

If you’re on a budget, synthetics are the cheapest option, providing excellent moisture wicking and breathability with warmth. Beware however, as synthetics are not great odour resistors and need frequent washing to keep them smelling good.

Whichever type of base layer you choose, buy the best quality you can afford and make sure they fit snugly to optimise the wicking effect.

Layer up

A series of thin layers is better than one heavy sweater. It’ all to do with the way that insulation works – by trapping a layer of warm air next to the body to minimise heat loss. The more air you can trap, the warmer you’ll be, but your outer garments also need to be windproof for optimum thermal efficiency.

Fleece is a good all-rounder, which is why most of us own one and throw it on when the weather gets cool. It feels good, wicks well and dries fast. Add a waterproof shell to stop heat loss when the wind blows. Down is ultra lightweight, warm and super comfortable, but its achilles heel is wet weather, when it loses all its lofting ability and with it, the ability to keep you warm. Wool can be an excellent choice, as it’s lightweight, renewable, natural and wicks well to keep you feeling warmer for longer. It’s essential you have a waterproof top layer, though!

The combination of a great base layer, well insulated mid-layers and a good quality waterproof and windproof jacket will keep you warm and comfortable in any weather.

Autumn Fashion 2016 Trends That You Can Knit Yourself Using Hand Knitting Patterns

For fashion enthusiasts, there is a whole lot of key garments to consider, such as over-sized jumpers, versatile waistcoats, bomber jackets, maxi scarves, and lot more. You will love to embrace fantasy fur or faux fur and the delicacy of mohair. Of course, Velvet is back with old charm, redefined with metallic effects, and it also comes in animal prints that are still with us for yet another season. Discover two of the paramount colors for this autumn winter. Find something in great layering. Go for knitting needles and crochet hooks to glam up your look. Follow this knitting for beginners guide, try out this latest combination and make you autumn fashion memorable.

The reign of fur:

The fur trend became quite popular on the catwalks for this season. At the reputable textile company, they have the best allies to help you create spectacular garment with a soft plush handle: long coat, maxi scarves, versatile waistcoats, bomber jackets, or a multi-use garment that you can team up with an elegant poncho or a sophisticated skirt. Additionally, you will also have easy option to customize your garments with fur trimmings and applications. Snuggle into the fur fantasy this autumn!

All you need is Mohair:

You will love mohair for many a reason. This natural, light-weight, soft and distinguished material gives you an incredible result with only the simplest of stitches and a pair of chunky knitting needles. If you want to go for must-have for life, knit yourself a simple over-sized jumper in a brilliant combination of colors. A romantic jacket or a spectacular combed mohair coat would look great on you.

Brown on Brown:

Autumn is synonymous with brown. The damp earth, horse chestnuts, falling leaves, coffee, and hot chocolate – all define Autumn in the truest sense. Of late, brown is trending Autumn in all its tonalities. So, don’t hesitate to combine scarves, jackets, and jumpers in toffee, terracotta, camel, and cinnamon.

Military Green is on parade this season:

Khaki green never fails to inspire fashion designers. This Autumn/Winter 2017, they would come up with a whole lot of knit models for the daily battle such as jackets, parkas, chunky jumpers, waistcoats.

Metallic garments:

This winter shine looks great in party. Day wear garments made of metallic have been found on numerous catwalks. Find the soft, light metallic yarns, so that you can knit and crochet the latest designs in gold, silver, copper, and shiny black.


Look to dress with one garment on top of another this winter. Go for ponchos, capes, stoles, jackets, oversized jumpers waistcoats etc. The idea of the layering trend is to incorporate asymmetry, textures, and volume of your garments to create a unique and balanced outfit.

The Charm of Waistcoat:

Snuggle into the warm waistcoat. The waistcoat comes in various forms and free hand knitting patterns such as short, long, asymmetric, straight, and hooded.   They are easy to knit and crochet and can be adapted to many different styles.

Choose Clothing Items That You Can Mix And Match

If you are trying to achieve perfections, your look may appear to be too hard. Some of the best looks come from those, such as celebrity Kate Moss, who have one flaw in their look, such as messy hair, a piece that isn’t completely buttoned, or shoes that do not match.

It is not that easy to build up a fashionable wardrobe which is full of updated trendy apparels. There are many things which you should consider before adding things to your closet. This must be including price, size, fabric type, color and contrast, and availability. The useful tips in this article will help you in dealing with the difficult decision of choosing formal clothing. Do not try to buy clothes just because they are on the sale and you will get these for increasing numbers in your closet. If you think that you are not looking good in it, you’ll never wear it again. It will be left in one corner without being used for the second time or may be inside the brown paper bags with handles.

White and black are classic and this combo is popular in this season. There are variety of options that you can provide yourself when you wear white and black. Various ways are there to pair these colors. The sky is the limit when it comes to wearing these colors together.

You should never carry around tons of makeup. It is best to change the colors seasonally, rather than keep everything in it at all times. You can carry your makeup products in small brown paper bags. Consider your needs for day and evening applications. Unused makeup can undergo unpleasant chemical changes once opened if left for extended periods of time. Germs can even grow on it if it is not being used and closed properly.

Pack lots of neutral colored clothing for vacation; you will be able to wear them all interchangeably. This ensures that you need not have to be concerned about colors clashing. Use scarves and belts to accessorize for a more pulled-together look.

It is the thought of few people that fashion is all about the clothing. What others fail to consider is how much a bad hair style can hinder an otherwise great ensemble? Invest in adequate high quality hair care products, along with styling your hair properly so that it complements your style daily.

While going for shopping, do not trust the size on the label and do not purchase something that you haven’t tried on. Today’s sizes aren’t based on any standard measurements. Some brands have very different sizes from one another. If you are purchasing items online, carefully scrutinize their sizing chart. Also, look at their return policy to make sure you can send back anything that you don’t like.

5 Types Of Must Have Designer Skirts!

With summer playing hide and seek with us, we have no other option but think of other possible ways to beat the heat! But the ladies have got to do it in style. While in summer we try doing everything possible to feel a little less hot, we can do it a lot better if we wear clothes according to them too. While we want to feel better, we definitely don’t want to stop looking gorgeous. So, then let’s talk about what gets us to look stylish and keeps us away from the heat! Women have a lot of options but, my personal favourite would be skirts. The speciality of skirts is that it doesn’t stick to your body. Because bodycon garments during the summers could be very uncomfortable. During the summers we always prefer wearing loose fitted garments or something short that doesn’t make us feel as hot. So today we are going to be talking about skirts. Now be it miniskirts or maxi skirts they are all very comfortable and always in fashion.  Especially because there are so many we can own!

These are a list of the latest designer skirts for girlsthat are a total must have this summer season:

  1. Asymmetrical hem– asymmetrical hem keeps coming back and forth in fashion and for those who love this style, it is good for them. Because this style is totally in.
  2. Panelled skirts– these fit tightly at the waist and flares at the hem. The kind, shape and size of the panel might differ. So you could chose according to your taste and preference.
  3. Wrap skirts– the wrap around skirts are mostly to give you a very informal and casual look. The skirt is cut into a long rectangular cloth that women are supposed to drape around the waist.
  4. Denim skirts– the denim skirts are every ones favourites. While they come in various shapes and styles they tend to be on everyone’s favourite list. They are loved whether be long or short.
  5. Short skirts– now if you are not in something too girly and you want to mix having the comfort of shorts and the looks of a skirt, this has to be your pick! These are styled as a short with an over layer that makes it look like a skirt!

Now if this list makes you wonder where you might find these skirts in the most of variation and a number of styles, shapes and sizes then you must resort to the internet! The online sites will help you buy ladies skirts online in India.The online stores have a mind blowing collection of skirts that are available in multiple designs that one wouldn’t want to miss.

So, just go ahead and figure out the best type of skirt you would not want to miss this summer season. If it were for me, I would probably pick all of them. Your favourite skirt is just a click away. I hope this article helps you decide well!

Various Types Of Banarasi Sarees

Sarees are among the most elegant and ethnic attire for Indian women everywhere. They love to experiment with fabric, design and colour as per the occasion.

A Banarasi Saree is prized for its lovely fabrics and detailed motifs. Any woman who buys a Banarasi saree experiences love at first sight. This may be due to the weave or relationship between fabric, thread and zari or gold work. Also, there are wide ranges of colours and mix of different motifs and fine fabrics.

The enchantment that is felt by a woman who buys and wears a Banarasi saree is matchless. As such fashionistas recommend that there must be at least one Banarasi saree in the wardrobe of an Indian woman. As part of her saree collection, Banarasi sarees denote taste and class and have rich design and colour. But to cause more confusion, there are different varieties of Banarasi sarees, each one more elegant and beautiful than the other.

The factor determining choice by a woman for banarasi sarees is heavily dependent on the material which she wishes to be draped in: Katan for pure silk sarees, Kora for organza sarees with gold or zari inlay etc. If you are searching for a gorgeous and exclusive Banarasi sarees for an upcoming wedding, take a look at the following types, before you make your choice.

Katan Banarasi

In case you are fond of handloom sarees featuring Indian patterns and motifs with subtle use of pure silk threads, go in for Katan Banarasi. Its ethnic look is sure to mesmerize everyone.

Kora Organza Sarees

Kora or organza sarees feature an interweave of silk and zari to create a brocade border with rich weave and a distinct design made by weft and warp. This saree has an unusual sheen and will make you the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

Tanchoi Sarees

After stocking up your wardrobe with heavy, traditional Banarasi sarees, it is time to shop for some other sarees that are elegant and classy. Thetanchoisare the right choice because of their typical paisley designs, woven in zari and popularity with brides. Such sarees have intricately woven and beautiful pallus with distinct paisley patterns.

Brocade Sarees

These Banarasis are identified by the intricately woven and rich fabrics with patterns in gold and silver work. These sarees are created by craftsmen who use high quality silk yarn to create a sought after and expensive zari brocade. This is a magical addition to your wardrobe.

Buttidar Sarees

Craftsmen who weave Banarasi brocades also create what are known as Buttidar Sarees. They are brocade sarees woven with silk, silver and golden threads to form an artistic design like a ball like pattern. Common motifs woven on these sarees are Buttis(silken balls) like Patti Butti, JhumarButti and LatiffaButti and many more. Since they feature light and dark hues, these Sarees are called as Ganga- Jamuna referring to the confluence of the two rivers in Benares.

Tissue Sarees

As per the name, Tissue sarees are woven on a delicate fabric known as tissue. Special lustre is provided by zari or gold threads. One popular motif in tissue sarees is a lotus in a pond.

Nowadays, you need not sweat to buy Banarasi sarees. You can find plenty of designs and choices when you shop for banarasi saree online.